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Here for suggestions again. The school musical is over and it is time for the variety show. This years variety show is "Bit's of Broadway," so everyone who wants to be in the variety show gets to sing a song from broadway, even if it's originally sund by the opposite sex(yay!). Sadly I'm not one who has seen many a broadway play so I come to you all for suggestions. I've been searching the net for some popular(and good) Broadway songs, but I don't know which ones are right for me, my voice isn't very loud or booming, people tell me that I sound like a mouse, but it does have a good range. I was thinking of singing 'I Got Rhythm' and the version I downloaded conventiantly was sung by Ella! I was also thinking about 'Lady is a Tramp' because that is from Broadway! Suggestions very welcome, they don't have to be sung by Ella if they're good.
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